Adding Materials to a Sketchup Black and White Sketched Drawing


Using Sketchup and its pencil style to create a black and white rendering. Having a hard time finding cedar wall shingle, siding or exterior wall stones. Vali architects has a few options just wondering if there are any other websites that I am missing.


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I’d do a Google image search for some suitable image and edit it to create a sketchy pencil drawing image to import as a material. Not all that difficult to do and it would get you what you want.

Here’s a quick example. First cedar shake siding image I found on the left. I ran it through FotoSketcher to create a pencil sketch appearance for the one on the right.


As Dave says,You can easily import an image and make it a black and white texture.
I googled your text, pulled in a simple image and did a quick edit.


Did you use ambient occlusion?

Hi Dave

Thanks very much for the reply. I followed your advice and it worked out very well.

Have a good week.

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Thanks for the reply. For some reasin I didn’t think texture could work in a black and white render.

It saved me a lot of time able to texture.

Thanks again for your help.


Yes the render is ambient occlusion. Just uploaded in my computer on Saturday. Very cool results with it.