Flat Colors via Sun Settings

Aside from being totally frustrated already with the layout of SketchUp Web (because I got the Go Subscription after having used Make 2017 for the longest for personal projects – haha), nothing wants to work as it wants.

Since I don’t want to rant but just have a question, let’s focus on that. I want to export my 3D as PNG but with flat colors. HOW? I cannot for the love of god find the sun settings that I held dear in Make 2017!! I searched google already for answers. But come on; I didn’t pay money to not even have the most basic sun feature for flat colors??

I did find (by using the search bar) to toggle on and off sun but it makes the colors NOT flat. Some walls are darker than the others. If I toggle it OFF, it changes the colors depending on the angle I look at it. If I activate shading, I have actual sunlight and casted shadows.

But ALL I want is flat colors. EVEN flat colors.

Sorry for sounding extremely annoyed, but I am heavily frustrated by the fact that after loving Make 2017 for the longest and having adapted to it, SketchUp Web (and I even paid for it) is such a let down, and so confusing, and terribly slow, and keeps lagging, and I can’t find the most basic features I used to use.

Thanks in advance, my apologies for this rambling. It’s been hours of struggles trying to understand this and I’m on the verge of a headache at this point.

Well, at least currently, there’s no Light and Dark sliders for shadows in the web versions. They aren’t generally consider a “most basic feature” for most users. It might be that the feature will be added at some point, though.

As for the lagging, how large is the file? Share your SketchUp file so we can see what you are working with. Perhaps there’s something that can be done to reduce the lagging.

What do you mean there’s no sun feature for the web version?! :sob: “at some point” is unfortunately not helpful for me…

The file is barely one room, I just pulled up the walls, but just setting the color in the color wheel (it’s not literally a wheel but you know what I mean) makes the entire thing lag/load. It’s just a color!! I ended up opening an art program next to it, to color pick there and copy-paste the hex-code because that’s quicker than finding any color within the Web Version. :upside_down_face:

EDIT: And yes, I removed all components I didn’t need already…

I don’t know what’s holding you back from using it.
It is true that the installer is not available from the official site, but if you have it - or find it on 3rd parties site -, feel free to install it and use it as before.

I still have the Make 2017 version. :smiley:

But there’s no access to the Warehouse anymore, which I rely on :sweat_smile: hence it is not useful for me anymore.

It is still there. Not directly from SketchUp, but you can still access it from your web browser.
Download the model as Collada file and import it to SketchUp.

Without a subscription to at least SketchUp Go, I wasn’t able to download Collada Files :sweat_smile: I tried. It always told me to “upgrade” instead of downloading. Hence I bought SketchUp Go, to just simply have all aspects of the program. But- well. That was apparently not the case. :neutral_face:

And I don’t see ANY reason to have a subscription for over 100€ a year just so I can download files to use it in a different program… :upside_down_face:

Or am I missing something?

I didn’t say there was no sun feature. I said there are no Light and Dark sliders as there is in the desktop versions.

I call BS on that. You can download the Collada files from your browser without a subscription to SketchUp Go.

Since you are a hobby user you can continue to use SketchUp 2017 Make or you could use SketchUp Free.

Yes, as said in my opening post, I found the sun feature but it is not the same sun feature as in the actual program. :sweat_smile:

That was really the case. I tried to download and it did not let me.

But you put words in my mouth. Don’t do that.

How did you try to download the Collada file and it didn’t let you?

Sorry… I am seriously stressed out by this whole thing because I hoped when I’d buy this it would finally all turn out well and work with no problems… I have just been severely disappointed :sweat:

As for the Collada file… Okay perhaps my mistake as well. Let me guess, downloading a collada file from Web and from Warehouse Web makes a difference? :expressionless: :no_mouth: I didn’t check the Warehouse Web. I only tried from the SketchUp Web version…

Ugh… I am sorry, I am so done with this :sob:

and if you still don’t manage to get collada from the warehouse, then don’t get collada files.

import in sketchup web, like you currently do, download the skp, and in your make 2017, install eneroth’s extension. it will allow you to open more recent files in 2017

it’s sketchup, there are probably 3 different ways and 4 extensions to get around your problem :wink:

Maybe it’s time to take a break. Your hobbies shouldn’t stress you out.

The Collada version of the components are available from the Warehouse if you go to it in your internet browser.

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I procrastinated on making a decision and creating my 3D models already for some months. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Again, I am sorry for having been rude. I’ll figure something out and for now just ask Trimble for a Refund because I will not work with the Web version like this. I don’t know if it will work but it’s worth a try.

My apologies for having taken up your time. :face_holding_back_tears:

The web version does support the settings that will let us flat shade, however the controls aren’t currently visible to users (from what I can see)

If you open this file in the web version, I’ve pre-set it to flat shaded. You can paste your model into it and you will have those settings - you might want to turn off shadows
flat.skp (80.9 KB)