Washed out textures


Hello everyone !
lately I have a very frustrating issue with sketchup 2015 and I really need your feedback …

All the imported textures look washed out for some reason (gamma ??) … but when I export a jpeg
everything looks ok ! never happened to me before …! any ideas ??

(attachment : printscreen and 2d graphic export …)

thanks in advance


As a test, … do you still see differences when you switch OFF Shadows ?

Also I think Windows uses PNG for PrintScreen operations. If you go through SketchUp’s menu and export 2D to PNG file it it also washed out ?

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If you go to the Shadows option and make sure Light and Dark sums up to 80 (or less) no color should ever be overexposed. If you set Light to 0 and Dark to 80, you should get the exact color defined in the material, with no shading.

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thank you very much for the replies !
unfortunately , none of the tips worked …

I am attaching a side by side sketchup 2015 - 2017 comparison …

I am pretty sure that the real colors of the textures are the 2017 ones … :confused:

What happens if you toggle some settings in the [menu]Window->Preferences->OpenGL panel?

Pre 2017 versions had a different handling of OpenGL…


Yes! that’s it ! thank you Mike !
I switched to’’ true color’’ (openGL menu)
and everything turned to normal ! :slight_smile: