Help .. Colors in sketchup goes wrong



Color in my sketchup goes wrong when i paint with bucket
This is what i get from using 0024_OrangeRed color

Anyone give me a solution please
thank you for helping


What are the shadow settings?

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I did not turn the shadow on


this is what i get from export jpg


It’s possible to create that sort of color change by certain shadow settings which is why I asked.

Try updating your graphics drivers.

Do you have Hardware Acceleration enabled? What about Fast Feedback? Are you sure the GTX card is being used by SketchUp?


Faces gets lighter when facing the sun/camera and darker when facing the other direction. What light source is used depends on shadow settings.

Using Sun for Shading, dark 80 and light 0 should make the exact same color appear in the viewport as is shown in the material browser.


I updated my driver but nothing changed . the sun seems not the point now


Is there anything about this model that is not obvious - are there other components; could the current component be inside another component or similar?
Could it be a style issue - have you set any unusual style?


It’s new plane . The only thing in the model is this plane . the style is simple shade . This happen with every file include files from other places


has it been edited by mistake, as the name can still say one thing but represent something else…as attached example shows.


The color hasnt been edited . This happen to all the colors . The colors are paler like redorange to orange , grey to almost white , black appear as grey


I changed the setting capabilities from 8bits to truecolor and it’s fixed now!
Thank you for all the help