Color mixup

Hello everyone,
I’m asking a question on behalf of my Dad, who doesn’t speak English well enough to post himself, but does use SketchUp Pro version 2014. He’s an engineer involved in energy certification of buildings, so he uses the program to make 3D layouts.
Let me try and relay the issue the best I can, as someone who doesn’t use SketchUp herself:
His problem is with coloring surfaces. For example, when he tries to color the roof of a building in red, he selects the following: Window- Model info - Materials. In the color palette, he then selects Red for the roof, but the color that ends up being displayed on screen is blue. Why does that happen and how to fix it?
I’m really sorry for being such a noob, I hope at least someone here gets what I’m talking about. Thank you all in advance :blush:

This sounds like a graphics card issue. It would be helpful to know what the graphics card is and if the drivers have been updated.

Is it possible to get the SketchUp model file (.skp file) and share it? That could help, too.

That sounds like a graphic issue. How old is the computer? Does it have a graphic card?
Did it work previously?

Here is an older post that could well be the same issue. See if the solution works for your dad: