Paint Bucket Color Wrong

When I apply color to drawn object the color on the screen it is not the same color as selected
It had always worked before, but lately it is really off compared the selected color

Example: I select Color A08 (Dark Brown) RGB 102,0,0 and paint a surface, and color appears on the object
as a Dark Blue (compares in appearance to I08 Dark Blue, that’s what I see on the object)

And its across the whole selection of colors; Colors and Named-Colors

Its like a translation error or alias effecting selected color vs ‘painted’ color

Sounds like a graphics card issue. Can you share a .skp file that exhibits this for you?

What version of SketchUp are you using? Your prfile indicates SketchUp 2016 Free (Web) which has never existed.

Sorry, I’m using SketchUp Make ver 16.1.1449

OK. Please correct your profile.

As I requested, please share a .skp file that exhibits this color shift. Is it correct to say that this is a new issue and you haven’t seen it before?

Yes, a recent problem

How do I send you a sample file?

Drag it into a forum post.

The fact that this is recent and you are using a SketchUp version that hasn’t changed in more than 4 years makes it clear that it’s not a Sketchup issue. Probably the problem comes from a graphics driver update that was included in a Windows update. You might go to the GPU manufacturer’s website and download their most recent drivers and install those.

Balancing Wheel Arbor Sample.skp (156.2 KB)

Here is a sample file

OK, I have to agree with your observation; WIN10 update is a likely source.

I’ll see what I can do to get the most current driver for the graphics card installed and see what difference it makes

I’ll be back…

This is what I see in your model.

Screenshot - 2_9_2021 , 11_54_07 AM

Good luck with the update.

What are you making anyway?

If your Windows 10 is 64 bit, is there a reason for you to not use SketchUp Make 2017? It may not help with the current problem, but could well have some improvements over 2016.


FYI, That drawing is an arbor for holding grinding wheels so they can be balanced to eliminate vibrations at high speed (i.e., 8K to 30K rpm).

Checked at AMD Radeon, confirmed latest driver is already installed

Computer was purchased new 12/20 so drivers are recent

WIN10 checked status of driver and date of driver; nothing wrong and latest driver installed

I will next re-install to see if perhaps something was corrupted.


If you reinstall or install new, make sure you right click on the installer and choose Run as administrator.

If this is just your hobby, you could do as Colin suggested and switch to SketchUp 2017 Make. If this is for your work, you really need to be using SketchUp Pro and 2021 is the current version.


First step, I attempted the Repair function on the installer; No joy, no effect on the problem

Just my hobby, retired from employed world in March 2010, now I just engineer for my own fun

If I had a business/job they/it would a different situation and I would own Pro ( a worthy expense!)

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Try installing 2017 Make and see if you have better luck.

DaveR, Removed SU Make 2016 and SU Make 2017 installed, sigh!

Now all I have to do is setup all my preferences…again!

Instead of problem solving, its the old (faster) problem avoidance technique!

Bottom line, the problem was not resolved, just start over with a new tool, again…

BTW, is there a way to ‘personalize’ SU Make 2017 so that I can reload it and then restore it to my configuration? Is there such a thing? Say, how SU remembers what/how my workspace is set?

Thanks, Carl

FYI, I forgot to tell you, SU Make 2017 paints just fine (nothing wrong with the PC… :smirk: )

Different graphics pipeline. The graphics drivers continued getting updates while you were sticking with, by software standards, ancient software. Kind of like getting a new car and finding out you can’t play your 8-track tapes anymore.

Each major version of SketchUp installs as a separate program. You could have left 2016 installed.

The old tool didn’t change but the environment it was being used in did.

You can set up your toolbars as desired and they should stay where you put them. If you had any extensions installed in SU2016 you can install those again fresh from their sources to make sure you have the current versions. If you had made your own template in SU2016 and you didn’t do a real thorough job of removing SU2016, you should be able to get the template although it might be easier just to make it fresh.


You answered my questions, thanks!

Actually, the SU Make 2016 Install/Removal tool left my template right where it found it; I just had to copy it over to the appropriate SU Make 2017 folder.

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