Paint bucket differences


I am new to Sketchup 2015 Make and have seen many videos about the paint bucket. The paint bucket I see though is no where near close to what I see in the tutorial videos.
For one there is no color wheel.

Can someone shed some light on this for me please.


Have you changed to color wheel in the drop down list?


Mine doesn’t look like that


Select a color and change to Edit tab… (see first screenshot)


oh it looks like you are on the edit tab. Here is mine, it is all greyed out.


You can’t edit the default color, you have to select a color before you change to the Edit tab.


So I selected a color and went back into the edit tab.

Still everything greyed out.

What I thought I would be able to do is select a color via the color wheel from the start.

I dont want to change (edit) the definition of a color


for example

I have a wall or a chair or something I want to paint green. I thought I would go to the paint bucket and select the green I want from the color wheel and then paint my wall or chair etc.


Select a green, paint something in your model (the color becomes an “in model color”), and edit it afterwards. Or add the color to the model colors (right click menu) to be able to edit it.


Not quite the logic I was thinking but it works.

Thank You


The premise is to preclude the inadvertent alteration of the material collections delivered with the application as well as those the user may have created.

Materials Browser — SketchUp Help


That certainly makes sense. Hadn’t thought of it that way but now I can see it.