Paint Bucket Tool Question


using paint bucket tool, choosing a selection from the brick, cladding and siding option, is it possible to change a choices colour? Thank you.


go into the editor, but probably better to get the brick you want from or similar


Using a Mac, my Materials does not seem to have that Edit tab anywhere
Very new to SketchUp so I will keep looking. Thank you for your quick reply.


Poke around in the color panel…
Make sure you have the brick on the top selected and choose from the SketchUp lists.
Once applied, click on the ‘In Model’ lcon (little house next to the dropdown)
You can only edit the colors in the ‘in model’ collection…


sorry, I overlooked the platform difference !


Thank you, that was helpful.


On Mac you can double-click the material preview image or right-click it and select ‘Edit’ from the options.
*Edit - Mac’s color panel, and therefore materials browser is driven by OSX, not SketchUp, hence the difference. Same goes for its text editor


Thank you Eric.