Sketchup Material Color Changes

Is it possible to change the color of a material in the existing Sketchup Library?

But only the In Model collection colors and textures.

Thanks Mike - how do i do that?

select the material you wish to change in the materials browser, then select the edit tab.

Thanks Mics I’ve got that part but I want change the color. Looking at simple siding texture that is grey (standard to the SKP materials ) and I want to make it blue-ish… I only see a way to change the size and opacity…

firstly I suggest creating a NEW material rather than editing an existing one in the library so you retain the original.
secondly…in the edit tab an interface opens with a color wheel. move the color wheel to change the color.

And here’a moving version, if you are using Mac it will be similar but not exactly the same.
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Right… How do i get the color wheel to come up?

looks like you have a color picker in your UI at the top far left icon.

Super fabulous moving help Box! Thank you Thank you!!!

Why am i not seeing that EDIT tab (next to the select)?

Did you just record a video to do that? (yes i am on a mac…)

As it’s a Mac I can’t help, never used one.

Yeah, but when i use that color picker - it gets rid of the texture and just makes it a solid color…

you didnt ask about editing a texture. You have to select the texture and edit it. the same way.

Oh…sorry thanks for the help and suggestions Mics! I do appreciate it…

It is under color

Thank you all for the great advice here. For whatever reason, I don’t seem to see/have the same options as you all. Maybe because it is on a mac… maybe it is because I am on Pro2016… anyway, thanks for trying to help me. Maybe I will repost my question with MAC in the heading… Thanks again!!!

Click through for a GIF of changing the color of a material on Mac.

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