Editing a texture

Can someone please walk me through how to change the color of a wood grain texture without changing the existing texture? Whenever I edit the color of a material, the texture disappears. I am using a Mac. Ultimately I would like to edit the color and texture independently but I don’t see this option: Edit Texture Image in an External Editor which I just read about. Do I have to use an external editor or can I edit within the SU application itself?

What is the material? Can you share an .skp file which includes the texture?

As for using an external editor, you’ll generally have much more control over what the texture looks like if you use one. In order to do that you need to linnk to the editor in SketchUp’s Preferences under Applications. Then with the In Model material selected, you should be able to open the editor from the Colors panel.

Depending on what changes you need to make though, you might be able to get satisfactory results with the built in editor.

I picked this texture from the materials folder on the hard drive. It’s a .skm file. If I can edit it from within SU that would be ideal. But if not I’ll look into an external editor. Seems like a simple operation that SU should easily handle, but what do I know??

To edit it within SketchUp you have to have it In Model. the same with sending it out to an external editor.

Here is how to basic editing (transparency, color, size) from within sketch-up, and via external editor.

Editing in an outside program is often a good choice, note that outside editing can be invoked directly from the surface under right click>texture>edit. You must first set up which program you wish to use for external editing by going to Sketchup>Preferences>Applications.