Changing cladding material colors

Sherer Light Scheme.skp (2.7 MB)
Hello, I am new to sketchup. I have the newest version of Pro and am on MacOS.

Right now I am trying to edit the color of the “cladding siding tan” texture. I want to change it from the default tan to another color that a client of mine wants to put on their house. I have watched mulitple tutorials on youtube showing how to do this. Those folks seem to do it quite easily and its clearly a pretty basic operation.

I have tried it repeatedly now, following the exact same steps that I am seeing in these youtube videos, yet nothing happens. It’s maddening. Can anyone give me some guidance on how change the siding color on this house?

Thank you!

Do you mean you want to ‘edit’ the material that is already there or change it for a different material?

But before that you need to spend some time learning the fundamentals at the Campus.
Pay particular attention to using groups and components and Tags.
Your model is a sticky mess of raw geometry with multiple tags. This is a recipe for madness and having had a fiddle through your model I’m now quietly backing away from it.