Selecting a material with color drop and not being able to edit

why am I not able to edit a material once I select it with the color drop?

You can only edit In Model materials. Add it to your model first and go to the In Model materials. Select it there and then edit it.

I have.

I guess you need to show us what you are trying to do.

That looks like a mac interface, rather than the windows your profile states, you will get better help if you profile is correct. I can’t tell exactly what you are trying to do from the pictures. I wonder if there is some confusion about the two eye dropper tools. The eye dropper that is low in the materials window next to the swatches is for sampling a screen color, you can use it anywhere on the screen to sample an existing color into the swatches. The eyedropper that selects a given material in SketchUp is accessed by invoking the paint tool and pressing the modifier command key.

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I originally purchased the pro for my windows laptop but now I’m using a Mac but I didn’t know I had to changed that in my profile. Thank you Dave R thanks to you too.

No problem, it just helps tailor the answers to be correct. In this case there are some significant differences in the materials interface in windows and mac so it’s good to know.

Does that solve the problem? You need to find the material in your “colors in model” materials list and right click on it, then choose edit, then you will be able to change the qualities of an existing material in your model in real time.

It solves most of it but it would be nice to have that option on the Mac as well its more easier that way, cause you’re able to click on the texture with the eye dropper and edit it than trying to find the material when you have so much in that pane.

If you sample a material with the eye dropper (paint tool with command) it will be shown and selected in the materials window, with a grey box around it. Then you can right click and edit it.

Really??? Not for me

like so?

it works for you but its not for me

Hmmmm… There must be something we are missing in the process. When you sample a material using the paint tool /eyedropper (not the eyedropper from the materials pallet) you do not see a highlight around that material in the "colors in model? Admittedly is a pretty subtle grey box.

I have never seen the paint bucket sample a color by clicking on the color and then apply it somewhere else by the way does your software always buffer?


The command key on your keyboard turns the paint tool into an eyedropper for sampling materials. This is the one you should be using.

By “buffer” do you mean that SketchUp stalls or freezes for you?

I didn’t know that. Theres a lot I have to learn about on this Mac with this software. Thank You.cYes that is what I mean you get this little circle every time there’s a download and it can take minutes to a half an hour

Yes that is what I mean you get this little circle every time there’s a download and it can take minutes to a half an hour

No, an hour does not sound normal. Downloading from 3DWH can take time depending on your internet connection. Autosave can be another cause of pausing, depends on the interval you have it set to.