How to pick the texture and the colour at once on Mac Sketchup Pro 2016?

Hi Everyone,

I have recently switched from Windows user to Mac. And the problem I am experiencing is picking the textures with the eyedrop tool. On Windows system, whenever you use the eyedrop (color picker tool, not sure how its exactly called) it picks the colour and the texture at once whereas on mackintosh it only picks the colour but not the texture! I found it extremely annoying. Has anyone experiencing this too? Please share your experience.

Many thanks !

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Can you share an example SKP file that shows this?

How are you trying to sample the texture? One of the design “features” of the Mac materials browser is that the visible “eyedropper” icon activates the Mac’s color-chooser, not SketchUp’s texture sampler. To get the texture sampler, hold down the command key while the paintbucket tool is active. The cursor will change to an eyedropper (yeah, confusing!) and when you click it will sample the texture not just the color.

This is one of the strange and arbitrary differences between the Mac and Windows materials browser GUIs that many of us Mac users have griped about for years. Once you get used to its quirks, the Mac version is usable, especially if you are fluent with the OS X color chooser. But it was obviously cobbled atop the color chooser without much effort to make it consistent with the Windows version.


On the mac use Command+Paint to sample the material applied to a face. The eye dropper on the color picker chooses the color of pixels on the screen (system default for the color picker).

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Thank you all for the answers, holding the command key works and brings the dropper. However, how do I adjust the properties of the chosen colour? Thanks, A.

This is an old topic I chanced across while finding out something else.

If you have command-clicked with paint bucket to select the material, the Colors palette will have selected the right swatch in the Colors in Model section, and you can then edit it to change all surfaces that are using that material.


THANK YOU! This was super helpful! Was so confused trying to find the texture eyedropper when using Sketchup on Mac.