Color picking with the eyedropper (SketchupPro 2018 / MacPro 10.4)

Hi, I want to pick up colors from a plane in the model to use them for new walls, but the eyedropper does not work in this case. See the screenshot

It would help if you uploaded the file and indicated which colour you want to use and where.

Alternatively, if the colour has already been used in your drawing, you should find it under Colors in Model.

Hi Simon, Thanks. The colours have been automatically been chosen by another program due to values (a), and b: The colors have not been used in the model (see a).
Formerly, I solved the problem by putting Photoshop and its scolor picker in between (manually “reading” and adapting the CMYK result numbers in Sketchup), but this cannot be a 2018 solution…

I don’t see anything in your screenshot indicating the eye dropper won’t work. It works for me on my Mac with SU2018.

Also on Mac there are two flavors of “eyedropper”.

The one that shows as an icon on the materials editor (aka “Colors”) is the Mac pixel color sampler. It will activate a magnified circle with a little square at the center where the sample will be picked. It can roam anywhere on the screen, including outside the SketchUp window. It makes that the active color of the “paint bucket”, as seen at the left end of the palette at the bottom of the Colors window.

The other is the material/texture sampler, which you get if you press the Command key while the “paint bucket” is active. It makes that texture active for painting additional objects.

That said, I can’t explain why the pixel sampler doesn’t work for @DigitalianGermany. It works for me on SU 2018.