Colour picking for textures



Here’s a little tip some may find useful when trying to match colours to paint surfaces.

I have started using a little app called Color Picker which allows you to determine the colour of anything on your screen with an eyedropper. It classifies it in different ways, eg using the hex system. You can then copy the hex reference to your clipboard and paste it in the material selector in SU.

I expect someone will tell me you can already do this from within SU!

Color Picker can be downloaded here:


Yes there are two eyedroppers in the edit section of the materials pallette. One of them picks anything on your screen.
In windows, not sure about mac.


Good tip Simon. As Box mentions, you can do it from the Materials window. On Mac you just need to grab the eye dropper next to the palette in the bottom portion of the window. The green next to the eye dropper in my screen shot was sampled from that thumbnail at the upper right.


On Mac you have DigitalColor meter app within the Program->Utilities-folder which does that also. It used to display hex, but now only RGB. I use the RGB sliders in SketchUp to fill in the values.


I wasn’t aware of DigitalColor, so thanks for that tip. However, that only records the colour in RGB format as you say and only on the fly. You can’t seem to fix it or paste it anywhere. So I imagine you have to hover with the mouse and then get a friend to write down three references (as your writing hand is not free!) and then laboriously put them in the slider. Can be done but way slower than using Color Picker!