Mac picker

Any way whatsoever to get Mac color picker on Windows? (extensions etc)

The pencil color picker is a feature from the mac os - you need a extension for windows os , because the color picker in sketchup uses the os color selection functionality.

Any idea which extension?

It is more usual for Mac users to wish that the material window in the Mac would be identical to the Windows version.

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Huh really?!

What part of the mac version are you wanting? What do you find lacking in the win version?

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the pencils

How is a pencil more useful than a square of colour?

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I prefer it, easier on my eyes

He didn’t say there was one, just that you would need one.

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I’m asking if you know of one.


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Here you go. Import this image into your SketchUp model and use the Match Color on Screen Tool to pick the color you want.


thats actually not a bad idea thanks! will the “pick color” work if i set it as a background?

try it.

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on my phone, dont have access to SU rn, will try later

Keep in mind that the Match Color tool is in the Materials Edit panel. In order to use it you need to have a material/color In Model to edit.

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If you like the colors and like to have the right names with them also, search for apple pencils in the 3D warehouse and download them individually or the model itself.


I know the way Sketchup relies on the Mac OS colour picker is a joke and I’ve managed over more than 20 years of using it to adapt to its inadequacies, but every so often it still manages to baffle me.

Can anyone explain the absurd behaviour shown in this screen shot and how to resize the palette back to some default?