I don't know what this is called but is it not on PC version

Hey folks, why is the mac version different from the PC?

how come we PC peasants don’t get this fancy packet of crayons!?! The PC version seems to look a bit more windows XP too, do the SketchUp makers just not like us?

Screenshot 2021-10-14 152737

That is the Mac OS color selection window. Color selection is performed by the OS and Windows and Mac have slightly different UI.

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oh so that colour picker is native to mac…well that sucks

You probably ought to talk to the Microsoft and see if you can get them to add it to Windows. Of course there’s probably copyright issues they’d have to sort out.

Honesty, it IS nice for a quick basic color selection, but nothing that a quick SKM or image could not replace.

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yeah, think it’s just because I’m following a tutorial and he keeps using specific colours from it, mildly irks me

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The Mac color picker in SketchUp is no good. Be happy with what you got on PC. For one thing there is no material name list. You have to hoover each patch and wait to see a little name show. Sometimes that doesn’t work.

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