Color Chooser Tab Interface

How do you enable or turn on this style of color chooser in SketchUp. I don’t get any tabs when I envoke the color chooser in SketchUp Pro 2023.



This is on Mac.

I am not sure that this is available on Windows computers.

That must be why. They have a totally different color chooser interface for SketchUp for Windows Desktop. How lame and utterly stupid!


Both the text and color panels are being overridden by the Operating System. It’s not a choice anyone made deliberately. You can always switch to mac :wink: jk

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If that is the case why don’t we get this interface under windows. Many programs under windows have the below style color chooser interface. There has to be more to it than just operating system overriding something. Maybe I will have to look for a non-existent extension to give me functionality I want LOL.

I think that to get the various sets of materials on Mac, you would click the brick looking icon, to the right of the one Jean showed.

SketchUp does use the Mac system palette, with the addition of the brick icon, which is just SketchUp. The other options in the palette are Mac specific, though in the Windows Materials tray you can get some of those features.

I don’t think SketchUp on Windows is taking advantage of other Windows color pickers, hence not seeing the fancy Edit Colors window.

You can download Mac Pencils here:



Haha nice trick, that’s why I prefer the mac UI.