Inconsistency in the SketchUp UI Design

Not sure if this is the correct category to post this to but here it goes.
The officially accepted, correct abbreviation order for the Hue, Saturation, Lightness representation for the RGB colour model is HSL. Similar to HSB and HSV: Hue comes first, Saturation second and Brightness/Value/Lightness last.

Artboard 1

SketchUp has always displayed the model correctly in the detail panel, however in the Picker section the last 2 letters are inverted and are displayed as “HLS”. Not that this is an urgent mistake that has to addressed asap, but it has always caught my eye and I believe it would be nice if this was corrected in a future update to make it consistent with itself. :slight_smile: Just my 2 pennies to the developers.


I’ve noticed that too but never gave it much thought. Seems like a small thing but maybe very low hanging fruit. Perhaps @colin could pass that on to the developers. Maybe it’s a fix that could be made in a few seconds.

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Yeah it’s an error - it should be HSL.
There is other documentation that refers to it as HSL also

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Interesting. On the Mac, both the selector and the sliders are HSB. Another example of the two sides of the house not talking to each other!

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Theres’s also an HSB option in the Windows Picker.

Only the one, HSB, on Mac!

Is that possibly a Mac limitation?

It is almost certainly another example of the consequences of building the Materials editor on Mac as a shallow wrapper around the MacOS color chooser.


I’m sure Apple could do HSL, not sure why they didn’t. SketchUp is using the system palette, and so as it’s missing in other applications, it’s also missing in SketchUp.

The HLS/HSL thing is present in Windows, though, like @VahePaulman pinted out.

You all will be disturbed to hear that this was reported in 2004, and around 2008 was marked as ‘won’t fix’. I’m not sure of what the difficulty is, but I added a new comment to link to this topic.

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Haem, allow me :

Geez, I hate trimble, I miss the era where Sketchup belonged to google, a company that actually cared for its users, not like mean trimble.

and yes. before anyone feels the need to tell me that trimble only arrived in 2012, I know, it’s called sarcasm. if you’ve been on this forum for more than a month, you’ve seen this argument around.

Never really understood the difference. I mean, I’ve read about it, and on the spot I thought “oh yeah”, then the info leaves my brain.
and I switch back to RGB.

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