Material Colour Unwantingly Changes Automatically


To keep it short… I use a fully updated copy of SU Pro 2015 x64 on Windows 7. I only have one extension installed, Shaderlight Pro.

What happens…

  1. Import new texture
  2. Change the Colour via the HLS Picker settings under the ‘Edit’ tab
  3. Select the ‘Select’ tab
  4. Select the ‘Edit’ tab
  5. Witness that my HLS settings have been changed…

Sometimes It’s a little… Sometimes it’s a lot… Either way it shouldn’t be happening…

Any help in regards to fixing this would be appreciated. Or acknowledgement that it’s a Software issue so I don’t drive myself crazy trying to fix it would be great as well.

Delete this tread... double post

I’ve reproduced this (never used HLS before). Maybe some rounding for the different color models? But your’re right, it shouldn’t happen.


Thanks for verifying Cotty. I hope we can see a fix for this. It gets frustrating constantly having to change them back.