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Question is: how can I grab exact color of the model in MAC OS SU?.. Using “material edit” and eyedropper tool let me grab SCREEN color (pixel color) - not real color of material… In Windows version I have separate button for this operation (“match color of object in model” - take a look at attachement). How to do this in MAC?..

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Matching a color from within SketchUp or another application, like Photoshop?

Within SU, either the Materials panel -> In Model list with show you the colors used in the model and you can pick from them, or with the paint bucket tool, hold down command and you get an eye dropper that picks up the SketchUp color of that object. The Apple color selector eye dropper can pick up anything on screen that you can see.

Whithin SU. I ment SU model color picker.

So you say that paint bucket tool with cmd key (eyedropper) brings true color of pointed model? Ok, but how to apply this color to texture? In Material Editor (I mean this one: right click on texture -> edit) you’re able to use only built-in eyedropper (on windwows bottom) which picks only pixel (screen) color. Am I wrong?

Please forgive me my poor SU mac version knowledge - I’m trying to understand it before I buy it for $$$$$…

Ok, now I understand your question better. I believe you are right. I don’t use that feature much, so I don’t have a lot of experience doing it.

Playing around, it seems you can get close by turning off “Use sun for shading” and turning your model to the right angle, the screen color can be very close to the source color. You can check it by trial and error, but it’s not exact.

If you’re looking at a model, and it has colored faces, the Colors palette ‘Colors in Model’ should show a list of all of the colors used by the model. If while using the paint bucket you command-click on a colored face, it will highlight the matching color in the Colors palette.

The model in the scene has all sorts of lighting on it, and so it’s unlikely you will be able to eyedropper get the exact color, but the one in the Colors palette is an unlit straight on square, an its color may be what you’re looking for.

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Oh, yeah, great idea. Seems to work like this:
While editing the texture in the bottom of the palette, set the top part to the color list you want and use the eye dropper on it. Here is coloring the “Stone Masonry Multi” a shade of purple off the list.

Hm… I don’t think this resolves my problem. Here is why: in most cases I need this “feature” to PICK color of something in model (f.e. dominating color of specific wood texture) and FILL my other texture with it. To make it more clear: I need it to match colors of two different materials (textures/colors). In Windows I just select my material (f.e. texture) and PICK color of something with tool I mentioned in my first post.
In mac this eyedropper tool in “Edit Material” dialog does it BUT it gets a screen (pixel) color, not material color.

So - I don’t think I would like to highlight color I need, then select it from palette and then use it in “Edti Material” (sorry if I got something wrong)…

Any suggestions?

this, perhaps?

Right, except, what I think @colin is suggesting is to take the eye dropper and instead of sampling the OSB texture as you did off a face in the model, sample the color swatch of the same stuff right off the palette (in your example right below the bright red patch). The swatch on the palette aught not be affected by shade, shadow or angle as a surface in the model window is.

This seems to be OK! I will try this in use.

Thank you guys!


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