Why does the "Match Color" tool want me to suffer?

Is anyone else having trouble with the “Match Color of object in model” tool when editing a material in SketchUp 2024? When I click on it, it often displays the bucket rather than the eyedropper.

If I keep clicking on the “Match Color” icon, or if I adjust the material color another way (using the color wheel, say) the eyedropper will eventually appear and work as normal – but it’s REALLY erratic and REALLY a pain the rear.

Am I the only one?

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When you installed SU2024, did you right-click the installer exe and choose “Run as administrator” ?

If not, reboot computer if you’ve run SketchUp this session, then rerun the latest installer (24.0.1 is current,) as administrator and choose the Repair option.

Thanks. I’ve tried both repairing the installation and reinstalling (both as administrator) and neither resolved the issue.

I have not yet seen this issue myself (running a Nvidia GTX 1060 with the Studio edition driver.)

Try switching back to the “classic” OpenGL graphics engine and see if it still occurs.

I see this problem as well on my system. I am running the new graphics engine.

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I have also had the issue but I just plowed through it. It’s a keyboard shortcut so it would usually just take an extra second but more than a few times I would end up painting something instead of picking it’s color/material and have to undo/redo.