SKP 2023 Eyedropper To Match Color on Screen Does Not Work

I am using the eyedropper tool to try to edit a material by matching a color on the screen. I’ve done this thousands of times before but it does not seem to work right now. I recently upgraded from 2021 to 2023. Any thoughts on why this is happening? Thanks.

Known issue:

I appreciate you sharing. I saw this earlier and tried what was suggested in the post and neither of the solutions on this post work. Thanks though.

There is a new issue on the lines of what you talked about. I didn’t yet test my earlier topic to see if it takes care of the new issue.

I will try to do that!

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Has this been resolved? This is a really frustrating issue as I use this function all the time! I am about to roll back to the last version of Sketch Up.

It does not appear to be, unfortunately…