Eyedropper when creating new material

I used to be able to use the eyedropper to select a color from my computer screen when creating new materials. Is this no longer an option? I’m finding multiple places where the “Create Material” popup has the icon, but my Sketchup Pro 2018 doesn’t have that. Any idea what’s going on with this?

It’s the same as it’s always been.

Did you install SketchUp correctly using Run as administrator after right clicking on the installer EXE?

Good grief. I was looking at the spot where you create materials vs. editing them. It’s been a long day. Thanks!

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Ok, I take that back. I can click it, but it only works in the sketchup window. I can’t pull something from a paint swatch. Am I missing something?

Possibly. The cursor will change to an arrow when it gets outside the SketchUp window but it still works.

Got it. It was still picking it even when it was an arrow and I didn’t realize it. 4:30 is probably not the time to problem solve :slight_smile: Thanks for your help!

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In the morning? Go to bed! :smiley:

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We actually just posted a blog about this this week that you might be interested in: https://blog.sketchup.com/article/finding-making-and-using-incredible-sketchup-textures

You have never been able to use the eyedropper directly when creating a new material, just when editing it, at least on Windows.

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