Using eyedropper to get color/material from computer screen

Awhile back I read a post that explained how you could use the eyedropper to get a color or material from the computer screen. Anyone remember how this is done?

Use the eye dropper in the New Material pane of the Materials window. There’s a computer screen behind the eye dropper. Will post a screen shot when I get back to my PC.

Screenshot - 7_30_2017 , 1_58_01 PM
Edit and select the Match color on screen button.

Thanks Dave but not exactly what I was trying to remember. It seems that by using some combination of keyboard keys while clicking and dragging the eyedropper, you could supposedly get a color or material from another open window. Maybe I just dreamed it.

Maybe using a different program to sample the color?

It may be this thread you are remembering:

Yes, this is exactly the thread I remembered reading. Thanks.

Was it the sampling in the model space instead of anywhere on screen?

No, it works anywhere on the screen. And as Box wrote, you don’t have to hold and drag. After picking the ‘Match color on screen’ option it picks up the color of the next thing you click on in any window.

That’s what I thought you wanted and what I was trying to show earlier.

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