Sketchup request to the Sketchup to developers: please correct "Match Color On Screen" in Sketchup 2023

Problem in Sketchup 2023 that earlier it was possible to copy any color with a "Match Color No Screen"even from the desktop, but now it is impossible. Thank you!!!


Developers, please fix this tool!

In 2022 and earlier there were two ways to make the screen color eye dropper work. In 2023 only one of those two ways works. In the internal version I have, only the other way works!

The two ways of working were to either click the icon, then click anywhere on the screen. Most likely that would send SketchUp into the background, but at least the color had changed.

The other way was to click anywhere in the SketchUp windows, then drag, and release when you are over the color in another application. That had the benefit that you remained in SketchUp.

In the version you have, choose the eyedropper, click inside any SketchUp window, then drag, and release when you are over the color you want to grab.

In the version I have, I immediately click on the color anywhere on the screen, but, I am most likely going to switch to that other application.

The way 2022 had it was nice, that you had the option. From now on it looks like you will only have one way of doing it.


I agree… please fix “Match the Color on Screen” in Material - Edit - Color. You can no longer pick colors from other applications. Such as a Google image search! It only works within Sketchup. Thank you!


I’m sorry but how the hell did they think it was a good idea to take out this feature?! I swear each sketchup upgrade feels like one step forward and two back… Just realized the right click flip along option is not there either. The team working on these “features” needs to realize most people have been using sketchup for years and they have a workflow they are used to. Why break it for no reason when you can implement the new feature but still keep the old one? This colour matching issue is the dumbest thing i’ve seen in a while. A feature working perfectly fine before, now eliminated adding extra steps to workflow slowing us down… Good job…


This is broken in 2023.1, sampling colors only grabs the desktop background ignoring all other windows.

Maybe you can do a screen grab, save it as an image and then import it in SketchUp as a texture from which you can extract a color with the eyedropper.

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