Eyedropper color problem


Hello to everybody!!
I’m having a big problem on sketckup. But I’m not really sure if the problem is with my macbook configuration or with sketchup.
when I use the eyedropper , the circle of the icon comes out huge and can’t take the full color of an image.
So, I can’t reduce it, someone can helps me, please?

Thank you in advice


which of the two eyedroppers are you using?

on a mac using ‘cmd’ with the ‘Paint Bucket’ active is what you normally need…

i.e. not the icon in the color panel…




The eyedropper from the color panel lets you pick the color of a pixel, which is why the magnifying is activated. The eyedropper ‘beyond’ the paintbucket is activated by pressing CMD, while the tool is active.
This will let you pick up colors and whole textures


@john_drivenupthewall and @MikeWayzovski are correct. The materials editor (aka Colors) on the Mac behaves that way because it was hacked atop the os color chooser facility. The eyedropper activated by the little icon near the bottom is the macOS pixel sampler. To get SketchUp’s material sampler you need to activate the paint bucket tool and then hold down the command key.


@john_drivenupthewall , @MikeWayzovski and @slbaumgartner .

Thank you so much for your help!
Thanks to you I solved my problem!!!