I just switched from a PC to a Mac....The Paint bucket is different



I just switched from a PC to a Mac…I used to be able to point at a material with the eye dropper from the Paint bucket & copy it on to another surface. I cannot do it on the Mac any help would be greatly appreciated. I have the latest version of sketchup pro


Actually you can. If you are sampling a material from another face in the model, get the Paint Bucket tool and hold the Command key to get the eye dropper. On the Mac Command is used as the modifier key where Alt would be used on the PC. In the same way, it’s Option instead of Ctrl.


A further note: the little eye dropper icon near the bottom of the materials (aka “colors”) window on the Mac activates the macOS pixel color sampler, not the SketchUp material sampler. To get the material sampler, do as @DaveR wrote. Activate the paint bucket tool and hold down the command key.


Thank You…So simple!!!

I’m still getting used to the Mac.

One more minor problem…My Icons In my tool bar are tiny. How can I enlarge them? Even with glasses on I’m having trouble seeing them easily.


Check if Small Size is ticked. If so, untick it.