Color / Material Changing without using Paint Bucket Tool


So when working with a grouped object, that is selected…all I have to do to change the material/color is click on the material/color in the MAC Color Pallet for the group to take on this NEW color/material.

In the image shown, the lounge chair was white, and selected…then I press the green color in the color pallet and it turns green…however…I don’t have the Paint Bucket tool in use, just the arrow/section cursor.

Then I now notice, if the selected object is say white, when I click on “About SketchUp” it turns the selected grouped object to black…and remains that way until I change it back.

Any ideas on…

  1. How to turn off this action from happening…or is it a default action that only now I’m realizing?
    I see there is a Auto-Activate Paint Tool…but that is OFF

  2. Why would it change to black when I click on the drop down…SketchUp / “About SketchUp” ?

Any help here is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

When you click out of “about” does it go back to green?

Can you share the .skp?

Do you have the material open for edit in the Materials window? If so, this will happen because you altered the material that is on the group. In that case it is doing just what is should.

If not, I don’t know what is going on and haven’t been able to reproduce it.

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No, It would stay black.

I re-booted once, it still was happening, re-booted again and it has stopped this behavior.

I could not emulate the same on an identical workstation iMac PRO here in the office, so it may have been a GPU related “hiccup”?

No - I made sure the material / color editing mode was not engaged.

The lounger shape was never any material or color other than the base white color.

Re-booting my iMac PRO two times in a row, …first time it did it again, the second re-boot has returned to normal SKP behavior.

So…maybe it was a glitch in the Matrix ??