Paint bucket is not using selected material



Working on adding wood texture to a model. I’ve added some wood colors to various parts of the model, and now that I’m trying to change some colors to see what different materials look like, I’m running into the issue in the video. Basically I select a face or component, click on the material I want to try, click on the face, and instead of the material I selected being applied, it applies a material I used at some point in the past. Am i doing something wrong or is this a glitch?


bed_frame.skp (1.5 MB)


you can see if a color/material is selected by the blue bounded box, I can not see it in the video. I to noticed this, I think it is because the colorpanel is an OSX native panel, you would need to activate it and then select. Two clicks…Another reason to abandon the native color panel, @Barry ?


Mine doesn’t do that: Can you strip down that model and share a simple case so we can reproduce it? Are you Sierra or High Sierra?


Come to think of it, it might has something to do with installed extensions. On my system, the tool which is active upon starting SketchUp is the bucket tool, should be select, am I right?
Will do some testing on a clean installation…


I suspect it’s faulty .skm files…

if it’s from the SketcUcation collection, I had to rewrite many of them and I believe the download was then updated…

when a .skm fails, the last used ‘good’ one is used…



Here’s a fresh model, defined the cube as a component, and here i’m trying to material different faces. Again, on the second face it uses the material I selected for the first face instead as soon as I try to apply it.

Is there a way to find which skm files are bad? I loaded all these materials by opening other files from the 3dwarehouse and copying the materials to a new list.

Thanks for the help all! I’m using high sierra 10.13.3 with sketchup pro 2017.


you have found the only way I know of, i.e. try them one by one…

with the others [ I fixed in another thread ], it was a mac specific issue relating to ‘Twilight’ material parameters in the .skm ‘folder’…

if you change the extension to .zip you can open and read the files…



Yes I think you are correct, it seems like other materials dont’ mess up like this. How do you fix them?



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