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I use Sketchup 2017 make, I recently started to use Sketchup for Game design, as you may know or guess I have to use a very wide range of colours (I am coloring a full city) but when it comes to coloring I find the windows version maybe less friendly than the Mac version that I see on most of the tutorials, one of the major problems is that whenever I use the paint bucket tool I find myself forced to use the already predefined colors in the sketchup then modify it, the second major problem is whenever I try to change the colors in one object all the objects that are pre-colored with the same color also change as well, any help on that? I really think I am missing a major thing here because, I don’t think coloring should be as complicated!.


Yes. You are missing several major things and it isn’t as complicated as you’re making it out to be.

First, if you want to edit a color to make a new one, click on the Create Material button in the upper right corner of the Materials window. Change the name of the existing color and make the required edits. Then click OK.

You can save your own colors library as a local collection so you don’t have to remake the colors. Click on the Details button in the Materials window and choose Create Collection.

You can download all sort of color libraries from the 3D Warehouse if you are so inclined.

It would be worth your time to do some reading here.

What sort of games are you designing?


In Sketchup objects themselves don’t have colors. Instead objects have materials and each material has a color (and possibly a texture). Editing the color of the material affects all objects that uses that material.


That was very helpful indeed thank you man, I am now creating my won material palette. Well I am working on a mystery game, “it is about a detective in a corrupt city”, to solve mystery, crime and strange unlikely occurances.


It sounds interesting. Have you any images to share? What do you do with the game after you make it?


Indeed it makes much more sense by this concept.


Good start. So we’ll be able to buy this game through iTunes and the Play Store? How long does it take to get something like this published so people can start paying you for it?


Yes it will be. Well because there are more than just one factor, the time will depend, but usually such a project will take 8 months to a year in the making and about 4 months testing and fixing, so I would say all in all roughly about year to a year and a half.


I see.

You do know that since you are using SketchUp for commercial purposes you are required to use the pro version, right?


Yes I have read the Make/pro table, however I have never used sketchup before and just now I learnd how to color, for the time being this is more or less like a testing, but once I am sure I’ll upgrade to pro which I think is very likely. Thanks.


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