Everything became blue, surfaces, materials, colours

Hi everyone, in my SketchUp everything became blue; surfaces, materials, colors don’t match the ones I choose, even the old drawings when you open it are in blue…it’s a nightmare. does someone know what to do to return the default settings?

Can you share a screen shot of what you are seeing? And share a SketchUp model file so we can compare. Most likely this is a graphics issue. Maybe updating your graphics drivers would fix it.

ok, I’m going to try, its my first time on this SketchUp community…give me few minutes… thank you so much

That doesn’t look like ‘Everything’ has turned blue, just certain parts of the model. Perhaps you accidentally painted a section blue.
We can only guess unless you attach the model for us to check.

Your screenshot doesn’t match your description of the problem. It isn’t everything that has turned blue. As Box indicated share the .skp file. In this case it might be as simple as clicking Reset Color in the Materials Edit panel.

Dear Dave, fortunately, I got the problem solved by a friend… something went wrong with my graphic card; he updated my graphic card and “voilá”…but first, he exported the SketchUp file for Jpg, and could confirm colours were normal…
thank you