Default colour/material has changed

Hi. How come my default material/colour has changed from white into another material that I used earlier.
This sometimes happens in some layer, not in every layer (tag). How can I get the white back?

The default material color is set in the style. Did you change the style in the model? What is this new color?

You could either edit the face color for the select style or choose a style that has your desired color. If you edit the style to change the face color, make sure you update the style so it keeps your change. Click on the large thumbnail with the circular arrows to do the update.
Screenshot - 8_1_2020 , 6_13_18 PM

Good one. Want to check it but now I can’t see it anymore in the model. Maybe I cleared it wit purging…?
Last time it was all Window material, Used that some moments before… so…
I will keep Style in mind for the next time.

Found it again. This is not the issue. Even when I change all or choose diff styl the material in that tag stays Window/glass.
It late now. 01.33 am. Will look again tomorrow.

Share the .skp file so we can see what you’ve got going on.

OKE Thanks. I will send it by Wetransfer to

I drawed some extra square plane that is in that specific material ‘window/glass’.

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