Default color changed

My default color seems to have changed form white to yellow. Any surface which was not deliberately colored something else seems to have gone yellow. I have thousands of wall etc. How can I get them back without coloring them all in groups? Fortunately, I don’t have to do every wall, but every component grouping at once. But this is still something that would take many many hours and I would probably still miss a lot in what is now an 87-story building.
What to do??

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change your Style setting back to what it was…


I had the same issue as Scott, at about the same time. I didn’t deliberately change it, and didn’t even edit the Style.

Pressed B for Bucket (Paint) tool, selected a colour (Spindrift crayon - a light green) from the In Model colour palette window, but instead of just setting the applied colour to Spindrift, it changed the lower right triangle in the default colour swatch to green, and turned all default coloured surfaces from white to green.


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it can happen ‘accidentally’ if you have the swatch clicked in entity info…

and select a color to paint something else…



I suppose that’s possible, but don’t remember EVER clicking the swatch in Entity Info. It’s just not something I ever do deliberately. I didn’t even realise it did anything when clicked - I’ve always assumed it was a read-only display.

I don’t believe I ever changed the Style. It is now:
Architectural Design Style6
and that is the default for the whole project, as far as I know.
I just changed the color for Layer0 to white from yellow, but that does not change the walls that have become yellow. I can change3 their color from entity info for the component, of course, but that is little better than selecting each component and changing it that way. I still have to go through every one…or is there another way for so many items?

Maybe you’ve accidentally painted a parent group or component in the model. All faces with no material inherits the material from the parent container.

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Unless you have the model set to use ‘color by layer’ the colors of the layers make no difference.
The default front and back colors are set by the Style - these apply to faces.
Did you edit the model’s style and check the default colors’ settings.
Changing those settings will affect all faces using the default material…
With the exception that if faces which are assigned the default material are inside a “container” [i.e. a group or component-instance] which has another material assigned to it, then those faces will display as if they are painted with the “container’s” material [front and back] - although they really still have the default material assigned.
And if you explode that “container”, then any default-material faces which emerge from it will be assigned the previous “container’s” material - replacing the default material front and back
So perhaps you have applied some materials to “containers” in the past and exploding them has led to the confusing issue ?
A fix is to find the actual material displaying on those faces, and then delete it in the model tab of the Materials Browser.
This will cause anything assigned that actual material to revert to the default-material.
This would fix the unexpected face material, but of course the containers that had it before also revert to the default-material…

@john_drivenupthewall, see your pm.

I"m not sure I understand. The only purposely yellow components in the model are the columns, which is undoubtedly where the yellow is coming from, but how? Until now, the column color just applied to the columns, but now it seems to have spilled over into everything else that doesn’t have a color specifically assigned to it, though in some cases, not even then, but it seems random to me.

This is on a global level, so an individual component being put into a yellow parent wouldn’t effect everything, right?

I haven’t exploded anything either.

Here is a screenshot from level 1 of the building. As you can see, walls are yellow, even the inside of an elevator is yellow. The only things that SHOULD be yellow are the columns, (not all of which are turned on by layer at the moment), lane markings and accessibility ramps.

I opened the Styles dialog box too, but what should I be looking at???

Styles > Model tab [little house icon] > Edit > Face Settings [button]…
First two items…
Looks like you are a MAC, so the Styles dialog wight vary slightly ?

Also looks to me like you have a large component that is painted yellow - thus affecting the appearance of default-faces within it ?
Try resetting the selected component’s material using Entity Info, and the pop-out materials selector top-left…

This is the part you are referring to, I think. I haven’t changed anything here, ever, and it looks like the default:

So you have painted the ‘container’ component yellow, and its internal default-faces now show yellow…
Select the component and use Entity Info to reset it’s material to the default one…

You mean every component?? There are thousands of those, and even with groupings, there are still hundreds to go through and I’m sure I’ll miss some. Besides, if something changed them all en masse, then shouldn’t it be possible to change them back en masse again?

Your Entity Info window shows a component selected and it seems to hold many nested items [which will inherit the containers material].
If you click on the material icon [top-left] in Entity Info you can choose to reset the material to the default…

Without direct access to your model it’s difficult to tell how you have arranged things like nesting and materials…
At least try this one step…
You can select all of the column instances using the Compo-Browser etc and try changing their materials en masse…

Other than selecting each entity color and changing it manually each time to another color how do I change the default for ALL the entities in the model? Somehow, these all got changed at once, so where is the model default setting for color?

I updated my gif to show using Outliner to aid in fixing group colors…


But how is it possible to change the default color for the ENTIRE model of many thousands of components? Even if I did that to everything that defaults to Layer0, changing that to white, as I have, does not change those components that are in Layer0.
Do I need to go into Outliner to do this? I never use that without John’s help, and then really, almost never, and not in the last 4 months at least. Is there some overall setting for default colors??

As you can see in the following picture, there are a lot of unrelated things that are colored yellow, not just the columns which should be yellow, and changing them individually seems counter-intuitive since they all changed behind the scenes en masse in the first place.