Why the skp default material become this material?

Why this happened and How to change it back?

What the default material looks like depends on your Style settings.

The Default Materials is shown as the white/blue swatch. In your video there is no evidence of visible default material.
Screenshot - 10_18_2023 , 1_33_37 PM
It does show that you are still not correcting reversed faces and in this case you’ve applied a light yellow color to the back face while the front face has the default material applied.

We always ask you to share the SketchUp file when you have questions like this but you don’t do it. Your screen capture doesn’t provide enough information to really help you.

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Component_12.skp (17.4 KB)

I cant understand…are there any tutorial explaining this?

I’m sure this isn’t the same as the model in your screen capture but again, you’ve applied the yellow color to the back face. You can see that it’s the back face when you set the face style to Monochrome and you can see you’ve applied the yellow to the backside in Entity Info.

We’ve been telling you for years that you need to get face orientation correct in your models BEFORE you apply the materials. You have continued to ignore that advice.

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As you see in the video I press in the default material from the menu and when I try to paint the material to default it paint this material that I dont want!!

the file that Iam working is huge to be uploaded here. Why I cant just send what it metters?

If you want to apply the default material to the back face, select the Default material and click on the back face.

It matters because there’s more to it than your two loose faces. You didn’t send the part that matters. Why is it you insist on making it so difficult for us to help you? Those of us who are trying to help you in your threads are volunteers. We are not paid to be here. You could try to make it easier for us to answer your questions.

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I understood…sorry…

P.S: Why I cant paint both faces with the default material?

You can! Just click on each side of the face while you have the Default material and the Paint Bucket tool.

If you were creating your models properly and making sure you’ve been keeping faces oriented correctly before you apply materials, you wouldn’t be dealing with materials on back faces in the first place.

Hi DaveR.

I guess its a bug because those things never happened before… only this year.

Component_158.skp (1.1 MB)

in the video Iam trying to paint with the default material but it wont change

Go to learn.sketchup.com to learn about using groups and components. There is no bug in SketchUp targeted especially to you, it is about the way you use it. I see nothing special in the file you posted. The big black face is painted black. Everything else is in the default material.

maybe the error is my sketchup, and when you do it on yours you dont have the bug. In the video that Dave posted he could paint the face to default and I still cant.

its black because i tried to paint it with default but it gets a material, like the black color material