Default face material orientation


When I draw a face (say on Red Green plane), regardless of what tool I use (lines, arc, rectangle, circle etc) the default face material on the upside of the face (facing up on the blue/Z axis or the side your looking down on in ortho view) is reversed, showing the back side default grey/blue colour, not the white/grey colour which I thought was the “upside” or “external” material.

Is this right? Shouldn’t the “upside” be white when drawing a face?

When I push/pull the new faces are white, & I know I can reverse face easily, but kinda annoying how my default face material seems to be reversed. Just wondering if this is normal?


Lol, it’s normal.


yes it’s normal…

being a 3d application, SU pre-empts that you will push pul, etc…



Thanks John_drivenupthewall. I drive myself up the wall sometimes. Did earn me “First Onebox” though. Bonus.