Default Face Color

Have an issue with Sketchup 2020 with my default face colors when I draw - eg

When I use the rectangle tool my face colors are reversed albeit in my styles tray it shows correctly - front color white / back color blue - but when I draw the rectangle its reversed. Annoying to say the least when I apply textures because I have to reverse sides. For some reason it doesn’t default to the correct colors originally set by the software.

How can I fix permanently please. Barb

What do you mean the colors are reversed? Maybe you could show a screen shot.

Normal behavior if you are drawing a rectangle on the ground plane is for the blue back face color to face up. This is not a problem when you make the shape 3D as the back face will naturally be on the inside.

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What you are showing is the way the faces are supposed to look when you draw them like that. There’s nothing broken here.

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sorry my mistake - you are absolutely correct - learning VRay Next and my brain must be tired lmao - time for a coffee. have a great day/evening. B

For your interest, the reason that it’s normal is because you are most likely going to push/pull the face up to make it be a solid. At that point you would want the underneath face to be an outside face.


yup - silly me …

Actually, SU tries to help you out by making it right side out no matter which way you push it. This usually works when you’re just starting, but I’ve run into situations where my outside color ends up on the inside; the painted colors get reversed. I can’t remember right now what conditions trigger that.


As long as this has become a topic, why does PP leave an open face on occasion?
Often times @RTCool I PP and I’m left with an open face. The workaround it to hit control and just add a new face. But I never know why it happens.

Usually that’s when you PP a face that is in the interior of a bigger one and SketchUp concludes you are trying to cut an opening.

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It seems to happen when there are adjacent faces. This happens a lot with imported floor plans, etc via dwg. This is one reason I mostly switched from using imported line work and instead use it as a tracing guide to redraw parts from scratch while just snapping to it as a reference.

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It does this when there are adjacent faces because it assumes you are extending a shape and want the inner volume to remain continuous, rather than split into two volumes by adding a face at the intersection.
This means solids are easy to make.

The Modifier key ctrl to create a new face is handy but flawed, it reverses the face for some inexplicable reason. I can’t see any logic behind this lunacy and have pushed for it to be changed.