Face Issue

Hello everyone, I have lost my mind apparently. When creating any sort of co-planer shape my default has always been to shade in the new shape w/ the sketchup default ‘blue’ color. For some reason the new face color is defaulting to the sketchup ‘white’. In addition, after reversing the face and then push/pull the new shape it will not maintain the back color…in this case the sketchup ‘blue’.

I’ve went back to previous models and am having the same problem. Is this some sort of change to SU 2021?

Thank you

There was a change in SketchUp to make faces drawn on the ground plane will have the white front face oriented up. That’s normal now.

You should not leave blue back faces exposed in your 3D model.

Great thanks. Why should you not leave blue back faces exposed?

There are a number of reasons. A couple of them: If you are modeling for rendering, many renderers don’t render back faces. If you are modeling for 3D printing, the face orientation tells the printer which side of the faces the printing material is on and which side is air.

Making sure ALL exposed faces are front faces results in cleaner models. It also makes adding textures easier.

By the Way, your profile says you are still using SketchUp 2019. That’s out of date. Please update.

Might be a good idea to change you back face colour in styles to something really obvious - blue grey is a bit subtle… try “HOT PINK” you will notice that…