Front vs Back faces


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It hurts me whenever I see evil backface-dominant models.
There should be a bit stronger enforcement of these reversed face issue.

Help with 3 issues in model please

On my settings, i use the red color for back faces. :smile:


anme’s suggestion is a good one. I use a green color for back faces. It’s a color I’d never use intentionally in a model and it makes it easy to see even tiny holes.

One one of the lap tops I use, the shaded front faces look just like the default blue-gray back faces. Makes it difficult to know what needs fixing.


Love that photo!! LOL :joy: Did you make it?

Very funny and creative :clap:


Oh, I didn’t know you can set the color for back faces of models.

I assume this is somewhere in “preferences”?

Or is it a custom script to do this?


Rick, the back face color is edited in Styles under the Edit tab. Open Styles from the window menu, click on the house icon to go to the In Model styles library and click on the edit tab. Then click on the little cube icon second from the left. Click on the blue gray square for Back Color and change the color as desired. Click on the large thumbnail to update the style.

If you want to make the change permanent for your default template, open a fresh SketchUp session, make the change, update the style and then save it as a template making sure it is set to be the default template.

SketchUp 2015 Screen
You can see the green color I selected for my default template in the second Styles pane shown in this screen shot of my SKetchup setup.


I’ve always used a color (red, green, yellow) for the back face, and you can see that in this setup (default template). that I also included in

ideally something noticeable, but not too much because as @DaveR said,

it does show through, some gaps. Actually, in some low graphic settings, it can even show between jagged edges.
So, i’ve gone to something subtle but noticeable when I am looking for it.

I just found it online (, thought it was quite cute too :smiley:


Yes. The back color can show through which is sometimes useful in helping to identify unneeded internal faces. To avoid the color showing through when exporting images, I change the back color to a dark gray or even black so it is masked by the edges.


This is particularly more important when the file is being dealt with some rendering engines. V-ray in my case. V-ray materials do not receive its values well when the face is reversed. Thus, the evil backface. :smiling_imp:


Ah, thanks Dave. I think I will also change my color permanently to template. The light grey does not really stand out to me sometimes so good call on changing it.