Edge / Face Colors When Editing

I wonder if someone may be able to help with this…

Several of my models have colors as background (attached-blue), when clicking through to edit the item. As opposed to the default value (attached-default) with blue outline.

I assume this is some model ‘preference’ that has been mistakenly changed or something? Why, and how does one fix this?

Time and assistance most appreciated, thanks.

It looks to me as if you have exposed back faces which by default are colored blue. Change the Face Style to Monochrome and reverse any blue back faces you see.

This is a thing that with proper modeling techniques, you shouldn’t see or if you do, they should be fixed right away. Tends to be a lot less work to keep up on it as you model.

You can see the back face color on the cylinder in the Style thumbnail image. I’ve changed the color on my default style to a green I’d be unlikely to use in my models. some people will set the back face color to something like magenta so it is annoying enough that they fix it before they go on.

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Thanks DaveR.