How to make the white objects back to normal colour?

After making a whole in the wall of the building I’m creating some parts of it turn white, how do I make it go back to normal?

Thank you.

Those gray/blue surfaces are the backsides. to reverse them, right-click and select Reverse Faces.

Thank you, instead I just made them the same colour.

White is the normal front face color. Most of your model appears to have reversed blue faces. They all need to be corrected. The reason for the reversed faces as you have them is due to the way you drew the walls in the first place.

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Just a heads-up… There are certain workflow, downstream (such as rendering or printing) that may suffer from backward faces. best workflow is to reverse them… If nothing else, to save yourself from more issues in the future, when it is harder to tell what is a front face and what is a back face.

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Oh, so when I create the foundation rectangle I should reverse the face before doing anything else?

No! You should draw the walls without any “floor” Then, when you extrude them upward with Push/Pull, they will be correctly oriented.

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Thank you, I just started using Sketch Up yesterday. So I am still learning a lot, mostly from just messing around with different things.

Here’s an example. I have set the back face color to be green instead of blue.

Also notice the difference when you view from below.

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Ah, that actually helps a lot. I understand now, thank you.

For some reason SketchUp always draws the first rectangle with the back side up which can be a bit confusing and contra intuitive. Oftentimes it’s a good rule not to have any back side visible when viewing the model but only have them pointed inwards towards the interior of a solid object. In some cases though, e.g. when making fast sketches, it’s quite common to let faces with no thickness represent walls, slabs and other objects and then the back side will of course be visible from one side.

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