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Hi I just need help with one thing. As you can see in the screenshot, the color of my project walls are both blue and white. Why is this? How do I just reset it to white?

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The blue color indicates the back faces are exposed. There are no blak faces. The white ones are correctly oriented. This is the result of how you drew the floor plan and then extruded the faces. You should be able to right click on one of the white faces and choose Orient Faces. Better workflow is to avoid it in the first place. Either delete the floor in your floor plan before extruding the walls or draw the perimeter of the building, use Push/Pull to extrude it up to give the floor thickness, and then draw the edges for the floor plan followed by pulling the walls up with Push/Pull.

Go through the tutorials at learn.sketchup.com

Thank you. The orient faces worked

Each face in SketchUp has two sides.

The side that is facing out shall be whitish and the side facing in shall be bluish/grey.

For a wall with thickness (that is composed of two faces separated by a space), the sides that faces inside the wall shall be bluish and the sides facing outside the building or toward the inside of a room shall be whitish.

The solution is as follow:

1 - Right click on a face that is correctly oriented to bring up a contextual menu and then choose Orient faces in this menu.

2 - In some situations, some faces that are correctly oriented may swith their sides. You can then right click again and the choose Reverse face.

Notice that, with option 2, you can press and hold the Shift key after selecting the first face to add/subtract to/from the selection and then click in sequence on as many faces as you want. Then, when the selection is done, right click and choose Reverse faces to reverse all the selected faces in one operation.

By the way, you can change the colours of the two sides of a face can be modified as you whish by editing the Style.

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