Different colored boards in framing

Im sure I am doing somthing wrong again but why am I getting boards that are blue,gray, and white?

It’s always best to include your skp file (your model) when making an inquiry like this. Without seeing your issue I can only hazard a guess. It sounds like you may be experiencing some of your faces coming into the model with the reversed sides facing outward. In SketchUp, the white faces should be facing outward and the blue faces (the back sides) should not. You can fix this by right (context) clicking on a white face and select “Orient Faces”. This should result in all the faces switching to allow the front sides to display.

Sorry about not including a skp file I hope this can be resolved.Shed A1.skp (262.8 KB)

You need to look into understanding groups and components and arrays.
Until you learn those basics you will be working too too hard.

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