Color surface meaning

Hi all. One really noob question: Why are some surfaces white, some are gray and some are light blue? Are there meanings behind the colors?

White and grey = front side of surface
Blue = back side of surface

I’ve made walls facing the same side but one is colored white and the other gray. And the back side is not blue. I can’t understand the pattern. There’s blue surface both facing the front and the side of the model.

Each face has two sides. White front and blue back. Some look grey because of the shading. The front can be any position depending on how you created it. (it does not position itself). If you can, good practice is to make the white faces show in the finish model and let the blue faces be “inside” the form. There is a command in the contextual menu :“reverse faces” to fix selected faces.


Ah i see. Thanks pbacot!

1= surface front side
2= surface backside
Both in default colors.
Select one of the surface 1 and select from the context menu orient faces and all backside surfaces will be flipped.

Cheers Torsten

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