Sketch up material color change


Hello! I am currently having an issue on my Mac changing the hue of a material as the edit option is not available for me. Any suggestions to fix this?



You can only edit materials in the In Model collection. Switch to the In Model materials by clicking on the dog house icon. Then select the In Model material you want to edit in the Colors panel.

It appears from your screen shot that you have a lof of reversed faces. You should fix those before you add any more materials.



Worked perfectly! Thanks Dave! I am new to sketch up, how can i change a reversed face?



Glad to hear that and you’re quite welcome.

Fixing the reversed faces: First, go to the View menu and choose Faces Style>Monochrome. That will display the model without materials. Then you can right click on faces that show as blue instead of white and choose Reverse Faces. Also try right clicking on a white face and selecting Orient Faces. It’s hard to say if that will work in your case because I can’t tell if the white faces I see are the default front face color or perhaps you’ve painted them white.

It’s likely that some of the faces you’ve painted were reversed and you painted their back sides so don’t be too surprised if you have to paint their fronts.

And in case you’re wondering why the faces are reversed on your walls, I’m going to guess you drew the outline of the house and create a face onto which you drew the floor plan. By default, SketchUp makes that face on the ground plane with its back face up so extruding the face for the walls results in them being inside out. If you reversed the face before drawing the floor plan, the walls would have the right orientation when you extrude them with Push/Pull.



I have fixed all of the walls, good to know that! That answers a few questions i had while building the walls.
Thank you for your help!

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Just a for what it’s worth, if you were going to render your model, many rendering programs won’t render back faces even if they are painted with materials. There are other reasons for staying on top of the face orientation, too. The key thing is to keep up with the housekeeping as you go and your model will be easier to work with.

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