How to fix blue elements in model?


one part of my model suddenly turned blue. I understand that this happens if the model is incomplete and hence the inside faces are now outside. (this is at least what I found out searching for a solution). However, I was not able to find a way to fix this. Can someone suggest how to find the issue?

Select all the faces, right click and choose Reverse Faces.

This is common and should be expected when you start by drawing your floor plan on a large rectangle. To avoid it in the first place either reverse the face before starting to draw the floor plan or give the floor some thickness before you draw the floor plan or delete the floor(s) before raising the walls. As it is your floor has zero thickness which doesn’t reflect reality anyway.

Thanks. The floor does have some thickness and when I started with this floor, it was also white. At some point it changed colour… Anyway reverting the faces did do the trick. Thanks

There are a couple of extensions or maneuvers that can somehow flip all your faces, I’ve never been able to pin it down but it does happen. Just so long as you know to fix them as you go along.