Problem with faces

Hello everyone,

I’ve started using SketchUp since yesterday and I wanted to transport my 3D Model to Unity 3D. This actually works but the problem is that it only shows one face of an object. So let’s say if I have a house with an interior, it will show the house but not the inner walls of the house.

As you can see in the image, I have white walls on the outside, and blue walls on the inside of the object. Is it possible to make those blue walls white faced as well?

You would have to manually draw in the interior facing of the walls. Measure towards the middle of the house the thickness you want the walls to be and then draw them in.

Each face in SketchUp has a white and blue face to represent a “front” and “back”… If the interior faces of the walls happen to show up blue, you can right click them and select “Reverse Faces” to switch them to white.

I hope this makes sense.

All walls seem to be single faces. You see white (front side) on the outside, which is good.
And the blueish-grey that you see is the back of these faces, not quite the same as inner walls. It might be that Unity 3D doesn’t take these back faces the way you want. Then you’ll have to model walls with thickness, i.e. double faces with blueish-gray (back side of all faces facing inside the wall.

Changing the bue to white wouldn’t help you. each face will still have a front and back side.

You need to give your wall thickness.

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Aah, I see. Thanks guys, I’ll try to give it a thickness then!