Transparent faces

I’m using 2016 pro trial at the moment, but can not apply a sold brick face to the walls of the model (house) as it fix’s to the rear walls inside the building and seems transparent on the faces depending how I orbit.
Also you can still see the floor inside and the edges of walls ect through the faces. I think this may be something to do with floor layers.
Can anybody help? As I have done a plan for 56 house and really just want to pull them up with the pull up tool.
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Can’t tell much from your description. Could you upload the model, either to here if it is less than 3MB, or to a shared resource such as Dropbox or OneDrive if it is larger, and post a link to it here?

One possibility is that you haven’t created a face for the ‘transparent’ wall.

(1) Another possibility is that you are in X-Ray render mode. I’d suggest opening the “Styles” toolbar (via View menu > Toolbars…) so you can easily toggle and switch render styles. (The X-Ray button is a toggle button, so that transparency can be added along with other styles.)

(2) Make sure all your faces are facing out. SketchUp comes with front faces set to white, and back faces set to a pastel blue. (You can change these colors in a custom style, if you wish.)
Toggle “Shaded with Textures” off (on “Styles” toolbar,) to see whether you have some faces with the backside facing out.
Use a right-click “Reverse Faces” on a selection of faces (or a single face) to set them correct.

It sounds like edges on the inside bleed through. This may have to do with the dimensions (wall thickness) and the distance of camera and object and also the angle that you are looking at your object: an OpenGL problem that you can only work around by using layers. When looking at walls on the outside, turn off all that is inside by turning off their layers.
This may be something else than transparency of faces.

Are Back-Faces checked in the Style ?

We are all speculating, in the absence of the model. Could we get an upload of it, please?


But how do I do that?

Neil Donoghue.

Difficult to answer without seeing the model itself. So please upload the file, as asked before by others.
But whatever you do with geometry and layers, only assign layers to groups and components, not to basic (ungrouped) geometry.