Window transparency problems

Hi sketch-up community. Please help me. I’m unable to see my window transparency when my Styles - Face settings has the transparency un-ticked. alternatively, when I tick the material transparency and my windows become transparent, my other textures also become transparent. The material of the windows is at opacity 30 so i thought should show. I’m using Sketchup pro 2020. does anyone know how to have the windows transparent and materials showing as solid. Thanks Douglas

This sounds like you have X-Ray face style on. Don’t do that.
Use a transparent material on the window pane’s faces, not somewhere from the outside of your window group or component. On the face(s, back and front) itself.

Hi Wo3Dan thanks for getting back, X-ray style is turned off so the problem is happening without that. Do you need to have Material transparency ticked to show opacity textures? Here is the file encase anyone can have a look? Thanks again. Model 17112020.skp (9.9 MB)

Well, you’ve turned of Transparency in the style which is why your windows aren’t transparent.

Turning on Transparency fixes the windows and also exposes your modified brick textures…

…which you’ve set to have transparency.
Screenshot - 11_17_2020 , 7_20_58 AM

Edit the brick materials to set Opacity to 100 and you’ll be all set.
Screenshot - 11_17_2020 , 7_21_28 AM

The question is, why did you set the brick textures to be transparent?

By the way, it wouldn’t hurt to purge unused stuff from your model once in awhile. Doing so takes about a third off the file size.
Screenshot - 11_17_2020 , 7_25_34 AM

Make sure you are using tags correctly. In your uploaded model, there are faces and edges that are not untagged as they should be.
Screenshot - 11_17_2020 , 7_28_14 AM

Model 17112020.skp (6.7 MB)

Amazing! ive been puzzling over this for the last few days. feel like a nit, as the answer was simple. I have no idea how the textures became transparent. but thanks for figuring it out. Thanks for the purge tip. and i need to go back over what ive done this morning with the tags, had a bit of laziness kick in and exploded and re tagged some groups. Thanks again.

You’re welcome.

Remember that only objects (groups and components) should get tags. Also, though, if you explode an object, the contents take the tag of the object. That can be very useful with nested groups or components but if you explode to raw geometry, that geometry will get the tag which you don’t want. Immediately after explode the geometry will remain selected. Immediately go to Entity Info and choose Untagged to reset that. Or do as I did and run TIG’s Default Layer Geometry plugin (from Sketchucation) to fix your model.

Good luck.

The same situation happened to me with the two large windows. Even though I changed transparency, used different types of glass, changed them from group to components and vice-versa, and turned material transparency on and off, it failed to become transparent. It was just showing the color blue, unlike the transparent doors glass. I then decided to start over and just delete the windows, so I clicked on them, right-clicked, and chose delete, and bam, there the windows show transparent glass now. I have no clue what happened. I clicked on the component and right-clicked delete. However, it didn’t delete, the window turned transparent instead.

Are you sure there was only one window where you deleted the window component.
You can have multiple same components at the exact same location in space without noticing. This could lead to transparency issues of painted glass. Deleting one component would look like nothing happens.

Also you could have two or more same components at the same location but in different contexts as ‘Glue to > Cut opening’ components seeming ly on the same wall face. Only the one on a basic face actually cuts the opening.The one outside the context can still glue to that face but does not cut an opening and cant’t thus show transparency.