Adding material to a building negated transparency of windows

I modeled up a home and everything looked good. Then I added siding to the home and then most of my windows no longer had transparency through the walls. You see the siding behind the windows and you can no longer see through the windows to the outside or the inside. Some windows I downloaded from the warehouse, some I made. Doesn’t matter if I move the windows around, cannot see through them anymore. Any idea what happened or better yet, how to fix this? I have screen shots to illustrate the issue, but am not seeing an option to upload them here. Thanks for any advice.

Upload them by clicking on the 7th button from the left in the row of buttons above the message window.

My guess would be that you added the siding as a new group/component/face (as opposed to a material) over the entire wall and the windows are glued to the original wall faces. A cuts-opening component can cut only a single face. You will have to manually cut openings in the siding if I am right.

Another possibility is that the wall is a component or group and you added the siding material to the group as a whole rather than to the face within the group.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the reply. I added the siding from the materials menu, hitting each face of the building with the pre-selected paint bucket tool. As soon as i did that, I lost transparency in almost all my windows. Oddly about 3 of them remained transparent. Still haven’t figured out why. Most were downloaded from the 3D warehouse, a few I drew.